ICBNN Mission

ICBNN Mission was launched on dec 30th 2008 from Florida. I programmed the on-board camera, Donny and Will did the rest.

It was a huge success, the balloon went up to 109.000 ft (33.2 Km) and (as expected) it burst,
releasing the payload that returned safely to earth with a small
parachute signalling its position.

Over 1500 photos were taken, with most of them being correctly exposed. Some of them are real fun!

Shortly after the launch, looking over the coast of Florida,
with the bay of Ochlocknee in the background.
(full-size version)

From a higher altitude. You can see a jet far below the balloon.
Jets "only" fly at about 10 Km, we are at about 28Km in this moment
(full-size version)

Detail of the jet

A panorama stitched from 4 photos
(huge version, 5 Mbytes)

A 360° panorama taken in stratosphere can be seen here with a flash viewer.
(to be fixed, but nice anyway!):

A video taken in the stratosphere:

The complete mission information can be found here: http://icbnn.wordpress.com/
(launch is documented here)

The complete set of photos is at: http://johnsoncs.com/icbnn/